Several Animals are now at the ranch with varying degrees of medical issues:
Misun and Joshua
Misun is 4 weeks old, Joshua is approximately 2mths old. Both orphaned foals arrived at the ranch within the past 2 weeks. Although both obviously had a rough start in life, including not receiving the proper nutrition for maintaining the strong skeletal structure required by a foal, Misun is




responding very well to his treatment plan, and Joshua is also starting to turn a corner although more slowly. While both boys are physically doing well, their special nutritional needs are very demanding. The largest expense is equine milk replacer. Misun will definitely need it for at least another month and Joshua probably has another 2 weeks. Between the two they consume about 2 gallons a day minimum. If you would like to contribute to their daily feeding, we have a specific donation for them on our donation page.
As you may have seen on our Crowdrise Fundraiser, Nim the Great Dane puppy, is need of surgery. We have had two Vets confirm that she needs to have the mass on her shoulder removed before it begins to cause her pain and range of motion issues, as well as an increased risk of developing kidney stones. If you would like to help Nim, please visit our fundraiser or look for her specific donation on our donation page.
Wil E Coyote Update - click here for the full story. Wil E Coyote has fully recovered from his injuries yea!

Spotlight of the Month!
Dolly - pit/lab mix, almost 1yr, approximately 40 - 50 lbs. Dolly came to us through a court order in March. At the time she was 10mths old and very pregnant. She gave birth on April 1st, completed her mommy duties and is now ready to go into her new forever home. Dolly is very out going and friendly, loves toys and water. She is crate trained and working on her house manners. Dolly is available as a foster or for adoption.


We handle all type of Animals:
  • Horses

  • Livestock

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Reptiles

  • Amphibians

  • Tortoises

  • Turtles

  • Small Animals

  • Birds

  • We do not take venomous reptiles
    or amphibians

We also take in sick & temperament problem animals. Want to get listed on this site to get more coverage for your pet, just contact Lakota at (702) 275-2125 or 

The rescue center handles all type of pets including those with medical and temperament issues. When an animal or reptile comes in, they are quarantined for 2 weeks before being put up for adoption. It is not unusual for the center to have a waiting list for these animals.

Mascot of Desert Rescue Sanctuary!

George of the Jungle - "Fast as he can be" George is the Mascot of DRS. He has been here since the beginning. He is a male Sulcatta Tortoise. We named him George of the Jungle as he is very fast (believe it or not for a tortoise), and the center is always like a jungle.