Desert Rescue Animal Sanctuary in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a 5 acre, no-kill, all species peaceful sanctuary supported solely by donations from kind and loving individuals. The refuge is home to many different species, including but not limited to cats, dogs, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, squirrels, and a variety of reptiles. It is owned and operated by Desert Rescue, a registered Animal Rescue/Sanctuary in the State of Nevada as well as an approved non-profit Nevada Corporation and IRS tax code 501(c)(3) corporation as determined by the IRS.

Rescue, Adoption, Lifelong Shelter. Desert Rescue Animal Sanctuary, provides homeless, surrendered, abandoned and abused animals with a safe and loving place to stay until they can be adopted into permanent, caring families. Those who can not be adopted receive a permanent home at the Sanctuary. We provide all animals with traditional, homeopathic, and holistic medical care.

Spay/Neuter Education and Support. All animals are spayed or neutered(where applicable), before being adopted out. We educate individuals on the importance of spay/neuter and refer them to low-cost clinics.

Safe Haven for Wildlife. Desert Rescue Animal Sanctuary supports and protects our local wildlife. This is especially true of the wild horse herds which populate our area. We strive to help them in any way possible, working in conjunction with the Spring Mountain Alliance, to keep them part of the great American West.  We also have applied for our rehab permit so that we can start working with protected wild  animals in the state of Nevada.


As you may have seen on our Crowdrise Fundraiser, Nim the Great Dane puppy, is need of surgery. We have had two Vets confirm that she needs to have the mass on her shoulder removed before it begins to cause her pain and range of motion issues, as well as an increased risk of developing kidney stones. If you would like to help Nim, please visit our fundraiser or look for her specific donation on our donation page.



Spotlight of the Month!

                                 Dorian - the sweetheart kitten
Meet Dorian - a lovely, male, short-haired, grey & white tiger striped kitten, approx 7 months old! Desert Rescue acquired 7 adorable kittens, a few months ago. We received a frantic call from a concerned senior citizen about some kittens near her home. So we collaborated with one of the best trappers in Las Vegas to save that group of homeless kittens. Happily she was able to catch all 7 cuties, although sadly 'Mom' was not seen or caught after several days of looking. They have completed a 2 week quarantine for any health concerns, and we are happy to report them to be in good health! Check out our cat section for the rest of the kittens.



We handle all type of Animals:
  • Horses

  • Livestock

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Reptiles

  • Amphibians

  • Tortoises

  • Turtles

  • Small Animals

  • Birds

  • Wild Animals

  • We do not take venomous reptiles
    or amphibians

We also take in sick & temperament problem animals. Want to get listed on this site to get more coverage for your pet, just contact Lakota via phone/text at (702) 275-2125 or email here. 

The rescue center handles all type of pets including those with medical and temperament issues. When an animal or reptile comes in, they are quarantined for 2 weeks before being put up for adoption. It is not unusual for the center to have a waiting list for these animals.

Mascot of Desert Rescue Sanctuary!

George of the Jungle - "Fast as he can be" George is the Mascot of DRS. He has been here since the beginning. He is a male Sulcatta Tortoise. We named him George of the Jungle as he is very fast (believe it or not for a tortoise), and the center is always like a jungle.